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Tour and Concert Announcements

Wilco DAR Constitution Hall
Washington, DC Sunday
7:30 PM view Wilco Washington tickets

Jason Isbell Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO Thursday
9:00 PM view Jason Isbell Tour tickets

Leon Bridges The Tabernacle – GA
Atlanta, GA Tuesday
8:00 PM view tickets
2Cellos Kravis Center – Dreyfoos Concert Hall
West Palm Beach, FL Friday
8:00 PM view 2Cellos Tour tickets

2Cellos Dr. Phillips Center – Walt Disney Theater
Orlando, FL Monday
8:00 PM view tickets

2Cellos Fabulous Fox Theatre – Atlanta
Atlanta, GA Tuesday
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Virtual Piano program

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been passionate about quality piano lessons that are both affordable and accessible to anyone. Whether they’re kids or adults, beginners or advanced, Musician is the ideal way for them to learn and an ideal virtual piano teacher. Folks from New York to Australia can appreciate and enjoy learning how to play piano up to eight times faster than other traditional piano lessons. From the comfort of your own home at your own convenience.

For anyone who doesn’t own their own MIDI keyboard, we have excellent guidelines on how to choose your ideal MIDI keyboard. Many people feel unsure when it comes to investing in a MIDI piano without having tried the software.

Seriously, how can one try the program if they don’t have a keyboard?

We’ll, we have the ideal solution. Our FREE Virtual Piano program from Musician.

Using two small software applications you can download them on your own computer within just a few minutes. You can then play the piano right on your computer by using your computer keyboard. It’s quick and easy.

You can finish the first two levels of the program, all 34 songs, without having to buy a MIDI keyboard. Once those lessons are completed, you’ll need to invest in a keyboard, but that will definitely get you started. Imagine being able to play 34 songs without owning a keyboard. It’s a lot to learn and you can easily do it. You’ll have a good idea once you complete these 34 lessons of whether or not you wish to proceed.

Naturally, there is nothing that will compare to a real keyboard, but you can learn on your computer for the first section. It’s an ideal solution for anyone who is unsure of what they want to do in the future. Once you decide, you’ll be able to proceed with a real MIDI keyboard

Now that you have nothing to stop you, what are you waiting for? You can begin right now with Musician.

Are You Searching For Guitar Lessons

Would you like to learn to play the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, or electric guitar? Well, the quickest way for you to be able to do this would be to learn how to play the guitar by signing up for private guitar lessons. Private guitar lessons here at our music school. Our instructors are university-trained, but that doesn’t mean you will have to study classical music or classical guitar. In fact, classical guitar is only one of the many different styles available for study at the Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Art.

Regardless of which style selection you choose, most beginning guitar lessons focus upon guitar playing fundamentals and music theories such as; scales, chords, note reading, basic songs, and other rudiments. When you start learning the basics of guitar playing and begin leaning toward a particular style of music, you will want to have a teacher who has the versatility to help you with the style you have chosen. What are some of the different styles of guitar? Well, some styles are rock, jazz, country, funk, rockabilly, and blues just to name a few of the many different guitar styles. Many of these styles also have multiple sub styles as well. Thankfully, at Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Art , you are the one who selects the style that you wish to play.

How experienced are the teachers at Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Art ? Many of our guitar teachers have a background in college or university music, which means they understand what proper theory and technique is all about. Music technique is important regardless of whether a student wants to perform country or heavy metal as both will rely heavily on proper music theory and technique.

Guitar lessons at the Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Art  don’t simply stop in a classroom. Opportunities are available for students to be able to rock out and jam with other musicians in rock band settings, guitar ensembles, or solo performances in many of our recitals. Regardless of which type of guitar you would prefer to learn, Grosse Pointe has the teachers available to help you learn it.

What age must a student be in order to participate in Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Art  guitar lessons? Normally, we request the students be at least age 7 prior to starting guitar lessons. This is primarily because of their hand size, so some younger students are able to begin guitar lessons as long as they are using a junior sized guitar.

How do our guitar lessons work? Our guitar lessons are available in either 60 minute, 30 minute, or 45 minute lengths. The majority of students will typically have one lesson per week.

Younger students will often benefit from a 30 minute lesson as it allows for the minimum amount of time necessary for the recital of a previous lesson and the education of a new one. Unfortunately, with 30 minute lessons. There is typically not a lot of time left at the end of the lesson for the practicing of newly learned material.

For this reason some students prefer to have a 45 minute lesson as it will allow additional time for more material coverage. Students who learned a faster pace will also enjoy this longer session as it allows for more critique time from your guitar teacher. Additional time that can be had from this length of lesson is often very useful for some students, while others will not necessarily need the additional 15 minutes.

Our address is:

5632 Tenth Line West, Mississauga, Ontario L5M 6S3

Call us:

(905) 567-9070